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Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Classic Rock, Instrumental
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Favourite cartoon character: The Samurai Pizza Cats
:iconbloodangelhelena: hath tagged me... which leaves me in a peculiar situation in that all the people that I am associated with have been tagged.

Choose a few of your characters and make them answer these questions (no more than 5 chars). Then, tag at least three more people.

The characters I have chosen are

Richard (From The Sorrows Falter)
Duke (The character from the Hunters Realm)
Latch Zano (From the Falter)
Evil Chaz

How old are you?

Richard: Twenty seven.
Duke: Eighteenish
Latch: Late Thirties... sorta ...
Nalo: Sixteen
Evil Chaz: That's actually difficult to say... somewhere between a few billion and half a year.

What's your height:

Richard: between Five foot eight and six foot, it's hard to find good measurements when you're on the move
Duke: Five foot eight... I stand a little shorter...
Latch: About six foot...
Nalo: Five foot six
Evil Chaz: I'm six foot even... well maybe five foot eleven and three quarters... but that's irrelevant.

Do you have any bad habits?

Richard: Loose morals?
Duke: Sarcastic
Latch: Several... I'd rather not get into them.
Nalo: People tell me I'm cold... I usually don't pay them any mind.
Evil Chaz: *Laughing as loud as inhumanly possible*

Are you a virgin?

Richard: No... I could give you names, but I didn't stop to take them...
Duke: No... I'd give you more information, but it may make my life significantly shorter...
Latch: No.
Nalo: Yes.
Evil Chaz: Physically, yes... I have memories of such activities, but they aren't mine per say.

Do you have any kids?

Richard: As pleasing as the thought of having someone to carry on is... I really hope not.
Duke: None.
Latch: Yes...
Nalo: I'm a bit young to be raising a child...
Evil Chaz: No.

What's your favorite food?

Richard: I'm easily contented.
Duke: Steak?
Latch: Tortellini in a tomato cream sauce.
Nalo: Various Pastas.
Evil Chaz: I don't eat much... I suppose supplies for poor people... it helps if it's in Chaz's general vicinity.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

Richard: Neopolitan.
Duke: Maple Walnut
Latch: Mint Chocolate Chip.
Nalo: Mint flavoured.
Evil Chaz: Chocolate

Have you killed anyone?

Richard: Yes, though I usually refrain from it... the more people that know how great I am the better.
Duke: Yes, on occasion my work requires it
Latch: I only kill if I believe it will save other lives, so yes.
Nalo: Yes, not many, but as with Duke, there are times at which I need to do so.
Evil Chaz: *Looks at the other four* Ironically, no... well, technically I could answer this the same way as the Virgin question. That's not to say I wouldn't...

Do you hate anyone?

Richard: Hate is a waste of time.
Duke: There is the occasion when my ire is aroused
Latch: Yes...
Nalo: Yes, My father, who left me, my sister and my mother in the care of his teacher...
Evil Chaz: ... Yes, it's quite the list...

Have any secrets?

Richard: Like being part of high society... would you believe me if I said no?
Duke: I've a few...
Latch: Too many to count...
Nalo: I don't keep secrets that don't effect my job... if someone doesn't ask me something, that's their problem...
Evil Chaz: I make secrets.

Do you love anyone?

Richard: Me?
Duke: Yes... but if I told you, her brother would kill me.
Latch: My entire family... which puts me in difficult situations...
Nalo: My mother and sister.
Evil Chaz: No... why would anyone ask me that...

What is your job?

Richard: None really, I work on a Ship, but really nobody hired me.
Duke: Sort of an inter-dimensional police officer.
Latch: I'm Self employed...
Nalo: Same as Duke
Duke: then why don't I know you?
Latch: We're from your future...
Evil Chaz: Shit disturber.

Boy or girl?

Richard: I'm a real boy Geppetto.
Duke: I'm pretty sure I'm a guy *Snaps pants* yep.
Latch: Male
Nalo: I'm male
Evil Chaz: Technically I'm just matter held together by energy and consciousness, so genderless... the avatar I've chosen is male though.

What do you do to relax?

Richard: I sleep and Fish.
Duke: I sit and think.
Latch: I read.
Nalo: I don't relax... It takes my edge off.
Evil Chaz: Same thing I do normally, I mess with peoples heads.

Any hidden talents or something no one else knows about you?

Richard: Yes, but if I told you, that'd ruin the surprise.
Duke: I can pick things up with my toes... oh wait, that's not a talent. I can turn into a werewolf, but that's old hat now.
Latch: None that you need worry yourself about.
Nalo: I'm still figuring that out myself.
Evil Chaz: I can become just about anything by rearranging the matter I'm made of.

What do you think of your creator?

Richard: He's a scrawny wimp.
Duke: He writes too much based on whims...
Latch: He's apparently quite self deprecating.
Nalo: Whatever...
Evil Chaz: He made me godlike how can I complain...
Duke: Case and point.

What color is your hair?

Richard: Red.
Duke: Dark Red.
Latch: Dirty blond.
Nalo: Light blond.
Evil Chaz: Pure White.

What's your sexual orientation?

Richard: Strait.
Duke: Strait.
Latch: Strait.
Nalo: None, all that matters is my quarry.
Evil Chaz: As stated before, I'm technically genderless, so it doesn't really matter... if I need to entice a woman, a man a frog, as a woman, a man, a frog... whatever.


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